Trinity Cathedral – Magna Mysteria

November 7, 2010

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Columbia, SC, is currently undergoing a bicentennial
restoration project. Their sanctuary has been closed for the past 2 years for
renovations. The Trintiy Cathedral Friends of Music commission composer John
Fitz Rogers to write a new work to commemorate the grand re-opening.


  • Trinity Cathedral Choir
  • Chathedral Choirs of Boys & Girls
  • Martha Guth, soprano
  • South Carolina Philharmonic
  • Jared Johnson, conductor
  • Christopher Jacobson, organ

Recording setup

Microphones Pattern
Spaced AB Pair DPA 4090 Omni
Choir Audix MicroBoom MB1290HC Hypercardioid
Soprano Solo Shure KSM 141 Cardioid
Children’s Choir Shure KSM 141 Cardioid