SC Philharmonic – Rogers Double Concerto

November 13, 2010

Commissioned by the South Carolina Philharmonic, John Fitz Rogers’ Double Concerto was composed for the piano duo of Marina Lomazov and Joseph Rackers.

Recording a double piano concerto is a difficult task with many unique challenges. Since the pianos nestle together, there is very little physical room to place microphone stands. Also, the outer piano has the lid removed, so it projects much differently from the inner piano.


  • South Carolina Philharmonic
  • Morihiko Nakahara, conductor
  • Joseph Rackers & Marina Lomazov, pianists

Recording setup

Instrument Mic Technique Microphones Pattern
Orchestra Spaced AB Pair DPA 4090 Omni
Woodwinds Audix MicroBoom MB1290HC Hypercardioid
Pianos (both) Spaced AB Pair DPA 4090 Omni
Piano 1 Neumann KM-184 Cardioid
Piano 2 Neumann KM-184 Cardioid