Reverb guidelines

In general, DO NOT use reverb as an inline effect (a reverb as a plug-in on an audio track).

Instead, use an Aux Send and Return in a parallel configuration.

Use an Aux to send all the desired channels to an internal bus. Create an Aux track and set the bus as its input. Put the reverb plug-in on the Aux track.


  • more efficient use of computer processing
  • set level of dry sound independently and then add reverb
  • easier to control level of reverb on a large fader – don’t need to open any plugs-ins to make changes
  • since several tracks are mixed before going through the reverb, they sound like they are in the same ‘room’.

In general, use no more than 4 reverb plugins per mix. These could be a short bright plate, medium room, longer hall, and a special effect reverb.

This will help keep your mix from getting muddy and unclear.