• The portfolio process, while frustrating at times, has also been very rewarding. It has given me chance to explore and reflect upon the past three years: the experiments and missteps; the successes and failures; the quest for excellence; the changes; the learning; the growth.

    I have always been involved with technology. Experience and proficiency with technology found fruit in one-on-one support and training, which then developed into traditional teaching in a classroom setting. Most of my teaching - then and now - is directly connected with some form of technology, but the teaching methods I formerly used could be called old school and low tech - traditional chalk-and-talk.

    What a difference the past three years have made.

    Throughout my career as an audio engineer, I have had to focus on minute details while keeping the finished product in mind. I have endeavored to achieve the utmost professionalism and integrity in all facets of my work. The courses and explorations of the Educational Technology program have helped me carry this forward into scholarship and education. I have refined a keen aesthetic, matured an eye for form, and developed a razor sharp attention to detail. excellence

    My eyes have been opened to the vast diversity of learners and the various methods I must use to successfully reach them. I have matured in my respect of learners with unique needs and developed a habit of thinking about universal accessibility that can help all learners. I have seen burgeoning in myself an innate desire to provide that accessibility at all times. growth

    I have assimilated the tools and techniques necessary for proficient instructional design, including accurate and thorough analysis, development and implementation of materials, and evaluation. I was once again reminded of the importance of the instructional design process as I began the portfolio process. I originally tried to jump directly into developing the portfolio without giving enough time and thought to the earlier phases of decide and design. As can be expected, the development was not at all fruitful until I backed up to the beginning of the process, and methodically completed the necessary steps. learning

    And, most importantly, I have incorporated a custom of constant revision. Throughout everything I do, I now utilize continual evaluation to improve upon the instruction I design. This is an ongoing process. Learning and improvement is never fully accomplished. Each time I implement instruction with students, study evaluations, and examine test results - I find ways to refine and improve to reach a more diverse group of learners in a more effective way. change

    So the end is just another beginning. Another chance to plan, not for the plan itself, but for what emerges out of the planning progress. Another chance...

  • To teach, to instruct, to educate, to learn, to grow.